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  1. Mike ingram says:

    Hi guys! I sent a comment on you’re last blog but I clearly messed up the execution. Teresa is hooked on you’re blogs and always looks forward to the next one. She also likes the idea of yoga and plans to have a go when she retires this year. I personally love the panoramic view of Noosa and I see you used the same method in you’re last blog?… Enjoy you lucky pair.


    1. davyh says:

      Hi Mike,
      Hope you are both keeping well. Glad you are both enjoying the blog. We have moved on to Byron Bay now. This is a bit more laid back and chilled than Noosa. Lyn is a devoted yoga practitioner, as well as the physical it is her spiritual path……she says it is more than just poses.

      For diving there is large wreck just off the coast on Noosa, the HMAS Brisbane. This was scuttled purposely to provide homes for fishes etc but has been made easier for divers to be able to swim right through it with out the difficulty normally associated with diving wrecks. May be worth checking out.


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