Break Away – Part 2


One of the joys of travelling to the Lake District are the opportunities for some “focussed” (forgive the pun) landscape photography. Our recent trip was no exception and so that these images do not get lost in the main part of the blog, I have set them out in a separate blog, here. I think they are worthy of individual showcasing, as you may be able to guess, I am quite proud of these images.

I took advantage of the late afternoon sun to head out for an hour with my camera. My destination was Watendlath Tarn, located literally at the end of a very narrow, steep road leading to a settlement consisting of a farm, a couple of holiday cottages and a car park. It is the end of the road. The village and tarn are quite remote and sheltered and does get some late afternoon sun.

Boat at Watendlath Tarn

Reflections at Watendlath Tarn

A favourite location for photographers visiting Keswick is Castlerigg Stone Circle. The stones sit in a field above the town and there are some fantastic views all around, and if you get there at sunrise or sunset, you can be treated to some spectacular sights. The light overhead was a little subdued because of the patchy cloud, but in the end the three images I got were worth the effort and the wait for the sun to set.

Castlerigg stones with the Helvellyn Ranges in the distance.

General advice always given to new Landscape photographers when out on location is always check behind you! This is especially true with the next two images, which were shot from the same position as the one above. I did remember to look behind me!

Skiddaw From Castlerigg Stone Circle

Blencathra From Castlerigg Stone Circle

Rydal Water was my final destination on my photo-treks. It lies between the towns of Grasmere and Windermere and was suggested in one of my photo location books. The weather was variable, cloudy and blue sky, so I had time to play around with some techniques.

Rydal Water

Intentional Camera Movement….or in this case, twisting the zoom ring out.

Reeds – Walking around Rydal Water I came across these reeds blowing gently in the wind. The colour image was okay but a mono conversion seems to have worked quite well.

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