Back To Reality


After three weeks of recovery and getting back to some sort of routine, it is time to put this blog back to its normal use, which is to share some of my pictures.  Lyn does most of  the Facebook stuff so this is my platform for sharing my pictures.

On Sunday we walked with the Norwich Ramblers group on a 10 mile route from Beccles in the Waveney Valley in deepest Suffolk.  It was a typical English Easter, cloudy with a threat of rain however that did not stop us.

I have chosen four pictures to share.  The first one is of the yellow Oil Seed Rape which is displaying in abundance at the moment around us.  It is very early flowering this year due in part to the very mild winter enjoyed by the UK.


I love the texture pattern of the rape field and the trees with that threatening sky.

I felt so sorry for this animal in the second picture.  He/she (I did not get close enough to confirm either way!).  was stood all alone looking at us during a brief stop for a leaders route check.  We were there about 5 minutes and the pony did not move a muscle.


I love the way that mane hangs down over his/her neck and I do wonder wether we can be seen through all that hair.

Not sure about the species of this butterfly.  I spotted it in the graveyard of the church where we stopped for lunch.  As you can see from the size of the grass around, it was not that large.


Finally if anyone needed proof that spring is here, despite the short return to winter temperatures as I write this, the blossom is out.


Fellow ramblers speculated that it may be apple blossom.  I am not sure as this was in a tree forming part of a hedge in the middle of no-where.  Does not really matter though, this cluster of petals was very pretty.

Note:  All these shots were taken with my Canon compact camera.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. timmrowr says:

    Not as spectacular as Australia – but atleast we speak proper!


    1. davyh says:

      G’day mate, sorry could not resist slipping into the old vernacular. Still adapting back to the rich Norfolk accent! Dave


  2. neilhazblogreader says:

    Hi Dave I googled your butterfly (Matt will be impressed) it’s a Pieridae – White and Yellow Butterflies quite common in Norfolk. Neil

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    1. davyh says:

      Thanks Neil, I would not have known where to start. Sadly I only had my compact camera and that is pretty rubbish at doing macro. The 7D is a bit heavy with the macro lens to carry around all day!


  3. Very nice, especially that rapeseed field, so dramatic!


    1. davyh says:

      Thank you Robin. Hope you are both settled back home now.


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