………..well, an afternoon out really. A couple of weeks ago  I signed up for an afternoon/evening Workshop with Chris Herring of  UK Landscape Photography (Google Chris Herring and you will find him)  to photograph Bluebells amongst other things.  Chris is a widely respected Landscape Photographer and I have been on a number of his workshops in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Our first location was close to the meeting point of Happisburg  (pronounced  Haysburg…….don’t ask why, it is just one of those Norfolk names!) on the beach.  Happisburg is famed as the village that is disappearing into the sea.  Over the last 25 years or so, coastal erosion of the sandstone cliffs by the North Sea has caused the loss of several homes perched on the cliff top as the cliff edge has collapsed into the sea.  At the main car park there is an information board which shows an ariel shot of the coastline in around 1992 and one shot in 2015.  The estimate is that the sea has encroached almost half a mile inland washing the cliffs away in the process.

The beach is a photographers dream with huge boulders placed to try and prevent further erosion, and the remains of the buttressing which tried unsuccessfully to support the cliffs.


This is what is left of the butress designed to hold up the cliffs.  It failed!



Two shots of the Groynes jutting out into the North Sea.


A close up shot, hand held using my new toy, a 10-24 Tamron ultra wide angle lens.

From here we travelled to Blickling Great Wood for our Bluebell shoot.  The wood lies behind one of Norfolks iconic stately homes, Blickling Hall.  Its history is far too long to repeat here but I am sure you will enjoy the best of my bluebell shots below.





The last location of the shoot was Cromer Pier from the beach.  By the time we got there, the wind was up, the clouds had gathered and the light was fading rapidly.  Undaunted I set up and took a few shots.  Unfortunately when looking at them in the warmth of my study I decided they were rubbish and deleted them all.

I hope you enjoyed what I have posted here.

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  1. joandcraig says:

    Oh David the lighting in the last couple look like the things fairy tales are made off!

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