Wymondham Vintage Day

Last year Wymondham Town organised their first Vintage Day.  We missed it so it was good to hear it was going to be on again this year.

On Sunday Lyn and I walked the couple of miles into town to take a look round.  The main part of the day was a display of classic British, European and American cars.  This was hugely popular so photographing all the exotic motors was almost impossible.  I have included some of my best pictures below which may prompt a few memories among some of you readers.


 I used to own one of these – Two versions of the classic Ford Capri.

From left: Volkswagen Beetle 1300 – Morris 1000 van – Morris Minor 1000

From left:  E – Type Jaguar – 1970’s Short Wheelbase Landrover 

Not many people dressed up in “Vintage” clothing but I saw this couple pushing these heavy old bikes around town.

B56A9506 (1)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. elaine darby says:

    Jerry’s MG wouldn’t look out of place at that event (:


    1. davyh says:

      I’ll let you know when this years event is to be held if you are interested in displaying.


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